who am i?

basic: gen x. dyke. single. only child. leo. anti-racist. work in progress. she/her.

current: recuperating from brain surgery. slowly getting back to my business of walking dogs and pet sitting. trying to figure out how to not go back to working myself to exhaustion. hoping to find my way back to my creativity and art practice. newly obsessed with non-alcoholic craft beer. seeking balance and a healthier way of living. wondering what spark will light me up next and if i’ll ever be fit for a relationship again.

recent: 10 years in business as a solo dog walker and pet sitter. 30+ years of creating via various styles of art and design. lifelong writer, dreamer and activist. lover of beer, food, cats, dogs, pop culture, social media, elizabeth warren and progressive politics in general, and all things new orleans.

past/recurring: community/digital organizer. scooter enthusiast. producer/ promoter. DJ. music journalist/editor. film festival curator/programmer. photojournalist. member of the worker community at the michigan womyn’s music festival for 20+ years. blogger.