singles at total wine!

copied over from my instagram:

finding places locally that carry more than one or two kinds of NA beer is hard. a few weeks ago i made my first pilgrimage to total wine out in metairie and was delighted to see a pretty good selection of many of the beers i’ve been reading about. i bought a couple of six packs but i only ended up liking one of them sadly.

i decided to go back today hoping to see something new, and was pleasantly surprised to find many new beers and a new top shelf offering singles of every beer they sell! i walked out with nine different individual NA beers to try and i’m very excited! (and none of them cost more than $2.79 apiece, which is pretty cheap compared to the online shops that charge $3-$4 a piece plus then you still have to pay shipping.)

i will of course be reporting back about each and everyone of them. 😂 happy mardi gras weekend to me!

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