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last of the singles batch

copied over from my instagram:

more NA beer reviews. i have finally finished the last of those singles that i bought at total wine.

no picture for the brooklyn brewery special effects because i drank it on mardi gras while freezing my ass off in full costume outdoors at a friend’s house and i just forgot. i thought it was pretty beer-like but I was quickly reminded that i don’t usually like their beer because it is hoppier than i prefer for a lager. but if you like their style of beer then you will probably like this. it seems to get really good reviews, but it’s just not really my jam. i drank it while eating gumbo and fried chicken, but i just probably wouldn’t buy it again.

the first picture here is of the moritz 0.0 which i had one day with my lunch of lentil soup. this spanish NA lager was very beer-like in every way, light and refreshing and a little malt forward. people keep comparing it to corona but i don’t really like corona and i actually really liked this. it’s not really my favorite style of beer but i think in the summer it would make for a great brew on a hot day. i would buy it again because it was solid.

the next picture is the partake brewing blonde. partake is canadian and known for their low calorie, low carb beers and this one certainly fits that description coming in at 15 calories! it was ok and i did drink it but i don’t think i’d buy it again. it was light but really thin and didn’t have a lot of flavor. i will still give their other beers a try though because they certainly have a following.

the last one is from suntory, all-free, from japan. i’ve read a lot of really great reviews of this brand but again i don’t think it’s my jam. it’s very light and crisp but there’s a weird aftertaste to this one that i can’t put my finger on but it’s not pleasurable. there’s definitely a hint of lemon/citrus here & it has the mouthfeel of a lighter beer, but there’s just not a lot of flavor here. i’m about halfway through the glass and i’m not sure i’m gonna finish it. but i’m glad i gave it a try.