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my 1st NA beer review – athletic brewing upside dawn golden ale

copied over from my instagram:

so it’s six weeks post surgery and i am still not quite feeling up to drinking alcohol. (even before surgery, having just one beer gave me a headache so i don’t think it’s advisable to put my still-recovering brain through that kind of punishment.) but i’ve been really craving beer.

so i decided to order some non-alcoholic beer that was recommended to me by friends. athletic brewing has some serious social media marketing game, plus they’re smart enough to offer free shipping if you buy two 6 packs. so i got two 6 packs.

this is one of them, a golden ale that’s perhaps a little hoppier than i would like, though i still enjoyed it. it goes down pretty easy and it definitely tastes like beer! i had one with lunch earlier and it paired nicely with the crawfish monica my neighbor made me. they say there’s only 50 calories in one of these! crazy! and while it’s called NON alcoholic, it does still have .5% abv – i noticed it made me a little sleepy in the way that beer generally does these days but i definitely did not feel an alcohol buzz or that heaviness i often feel after drinking beer. so while this style might not be my fave, i’ll certainly drink the rest of the 6 pack! and tomorrow i will try some of their STOUT, which i’m very excited about!