penn’s best – non alcoholic malt beverage

copied over from my instagram:

since i first decided to try NA beer, i joined a couple of facebook groups to learn more and see what beers people were drinking. this is where I learned about penn’s best. lots of folks seem to think it was good enough – basic beer to keep in the fridge for when you run out of the good stuff. and it cost only $2.99 for a six pack! so i figured, why not? might as well try it.

sadly, i think it’s pretty awful. too sweet, malty, and thin. and now i’m stuck with five of them! guess the price tag should’ve tipped me off to not have high expectations but so many people in my facebook groups like it that i thought it was worth giving it a shot. but i don’t like bud lite, busch, or PBR, so i guess it makes sense that i don’t like this. cross it off the list!

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