lagunitas hoppy refresher

lagunitas hoppy refresher

i picked up a few new things off the singles shelf in the NA section when i was at total wine yesterday. lagunitas hoppy refresher was one of them. it’s not an NA beer but it’s adjacent, so i’m including my review of it here anyways.

it’s basically hop infused carbonated water. so kind of like a hoppy lacroix. i don’t usually like fizzy waters or seltzers or things like lacroix, and i also don’t usually like beers that have a heavy hop flavor to them, like IPAs, but for some reason this sort of works for me. i can’t see me wanting to drink these very often but i could definitely picture myself ordering this with a meal out at a restaurant on a hot day when i wanted something beer-like that’s refreshing and not sweet. there are zero calories, zero carbs and there is zero alcohol in this beverage. (it does, however, have small amounts of yeast in it.)

if you are a fan of fizzy waters and hoppy beer, you will probably love this. i give it a thumbs up even though i probably won’t buy it to drink at home. it is indeed very refreshing though there is a slight aftertaste and mouth residue that i’m not crazy about. but i’m glad i tried it and i will definitely drink the whole thing and enjoy it.

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