four and a half months out

just a quick update to say all is going well. i had my last speech therapy appointment feb. 18th and don’t have any more doctor’s appointments until march 18th when i see dr. ballay, the ENT, again.

i continue to work half days dog walking with four clients, and just this last week reintroduced dog sitting to the repertoire. i’ve been staying with the world’s most lovely 10 year old husky named luna, and i’m in love with her! she is the sweetest and best dog, though has been exhausting me with four more walks a day in addition to my usual four. so my daily average of between 8-10,000 steps has gone up to around 15-17,000 steps a day!

the rollercoaster of weather changes has my body a little out of whack though. i’ve had some random vertigo outta nowhere that comes and goes in the course of a day; nothing so severe that i can’t function but enough to make me feel slightly “off.” and sleeping overnight in a different bed, regardless of how comfortable it is, always affects my sleep. so as this week of dogsitting winds down, i’m feeling myself pretty drained and exhausted. hopefully the weekend will recharge me.

so i guess no more health updates until the next doctor’s appointment. i’m doing ok, trying to remember to do my PT and ST exercises on my own regularly, still doing weekly neurosculpting mediations with emily, and trying to eat more fruits and vegetables by making weekly purchases from the farmers market. i hardly go to the grocery store anymore though i do still eat out more than i should, especially when i’m staying outside my home. but for the most part i think i’m doing a pretty good job of self care and i continue to be so grateful to have had the resources and support to take this recuperation at my own pace.

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